"I enjoy getting into my fiction characters. My protagonists can be as daring, as foolish, as brave, and as loving as I choose. As for my antagonists...I like to give them as good as they gave, if not better."

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When you finish Blood and Magnolias, take the Reader's Trivia Quiz. You will find some back story info at the end as a reward.

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Blood and Magnolias

Steamy passion, ruthless action, and unthinkable betrayal mix with the landscape of Louisiana, bayous, marshes, Cajuns, Creoles, and Voodoo to create a modern Southern Gothic tale that provokes reaction and quickens the pulse.


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Her Story Anthology -
My Story, Adella

Mine is one of the twenty-seven voices to be found within the pages of this collection. Each story brings its own perspective and tenor to a woman's story from the past. A tribute to Women's History Month.

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Among Us

Who can say where sanity ends and insanity begins? Elaine Curtis is looking for this answer as her life that was sliding down a destructive path is about to change forever--in a matter of days. This is the first book in the Colony Series.

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Stories of Love and Romance Interview

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If you have not yet experienced the musical piece "Enigmatic Encounter" by ATB/Enigma. Take a moment to do so now. In Among Us, Elaine and Max have a breathless, sensual moment of dance. In Awakenings, Alycin and Alexivar have an even more intense moment that echoes the experience.

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Book 1, Among Us wove a twisted tale where the reader was never sure if she was in reality or in the murky world of Elaine's psychosis. Book 2 begins 1 year after the final event then leaps twenty years into the future where everything is about to change and the true nature of Max and the Priory of Vesta is revealed.

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Awakenings: The Colony Series Volume 2: Morgan Summerfield: 9781492745655: Amazon.com: Books

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The Essential Hitchhiker's Guide to Colony

A Companion Book for the Colony Series

All the things you want to know about the Tribes--where they lived, characteristics, powers, origin stories and tidbits of interesting information.

Have you ever felt like you don't fit?
That you were destined for a different life?

You may be Tribe!

The Essential Hitchhiker's Guide to Colony (The Colony Series) (Volume 7): Morgan Summerfield: 9781500441159: Amazon.com: Books

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Guardian and Traveler

Setting Seed

At the end of Book 2, Elaine is forever changed into the being she was meant to become. Yet, her struggle is just beginning. With the future of Colony hanging in the balance, she must face peril, prejudice, betrayal, and herself to achieve an end that only she and Vesta herself understand. South America is hot, but it gets hotter as Guardian, Traveler, Travis and traveling companions they find along the way attempt to waken sleeping Ancients.

Guardian and Traveler Chronicles I: Setting Seed (The Colony Series) (Volume 3): Morgan Summerfield: 9781502893734: Amazon.com: Books



Guardian and Traveler

Falling Fallow

The end of Chronicles 1, Setting Seed, brings Elaine to her knees—literally! Without Guardian and Meelan, Elaine is mere human facing her Dark Tribe alone. Her bad behavior has induced distrust and caution among the traveling companions.  Bordering on outcast, Elaine struggles to hide her deficiencies while plagued by a nameless illness. Mounting animosity in Travis toward Elaine has no reasonable explanation, but its potency is undeniable and everyone feels its darkness.  Native people, drug lords, slave traders and the elements make the trek across the Southern Continent anything but peaceful.



Guardian and Traveler

New Green



Guardian and Traveler


If you are one that finds tears easily rising, you may require an entire box of tissues to read the final book in the Colony series. By now, you will be so thoroughly connected to Elaine that every thought, every desire, every sacrifice, and every moment of her passion will affect you at an emotional level. There is no turning back from the brink and she must plunge headlong from it into the final solution.






Harvest of the Innocent

Jessica's life continues to fall apart despite years of counseling. The lifelong nightmare of the little red shoes just will not rest. An unexpected inheritance returns her to the town of her birth. What she inherits is more mystery than monetary. She finds this Rockwellesque town filled with falsehoods, frailties, and horrific truths. One of which is about to take her down a long dark road of discovery that few would want to walk and none should have to travel.

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Pulling Through

Cumberland Island







Deadly Harvest


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